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Songwriting tools – Magic Pen and Pad

In my journey as a songwriter, I cherish the perfect tools of my trade. For me hand writing lyrics is my meditation. I can write stream of consciousness, dream journals and beyond but only with the right writing utensil. For me it is this pen/pencil (not sure). It’s a magic pen really. It writes like a mechanical pencil but does not smear as I’m a lefty. I like to write cursively quickly so it’s important that it glide great but not bleed through the pages, run in the glide or drag as I write. As a lefty these are considerations. As it’s lyrics I’m after, I tend to write words rather than short hand.

My writing books are many as I fill them daily with dream journals, stream of consciousness writings and daily records and logs. I have many that I write in per year. I am also a person who learns by writing things down. I actually manifest a great deal of my life through these journals. Once in a while I write poetry and lyrics for lyric sake. A meditation if you will.

Just a little glimpse,