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Singer’s tips for Spring

Hello Singers, Often times I am asked about vocal health in Springtime. Yes, some of us suffer from seasonal allergies and even asthma potentially posing issues for singers during Spring. Ensuring that one gets plenty of rest, water and sunlight (yeah) vocal chords require great posture and warmup to work their best. Posture is important …

Supper's Ready

Spring Vocal Teaching

Brenda Carol in Studio – Happy Spring Singers! A new roster of vocal students is being accepting beginning April 2023. First come first serve voice lessons and coaching in a performance studio online and in-person. All platforms and e-tranfer payment or PayPal accepted. Please inquire by emailing: Email Brenda

Supper's Ready

Online Lessons

Brenda Carol Vocal Lessons One-on-One online vocal/guitar/songwriting lessons are available to students using the following technologies: Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger,WhatsAp. Please email Brenda Carol at Payment available through PayPal and eTransfer.