Brenda Carol CD Cover. Photography by Jim Allen, 1998. Makeup by Stephanie Parent, Hair by Daniel (Hair By Strands). Outfit from Kensington Market, Toronto, ON Canada

Brenda Carol & ClaireVoyance – Live at HotHouse Cafe ,
Darwyn Records 2000
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Brenda Carol – vocals/percussion
Stephen Gardner – piano/backup vocals
Bill McBirnie – flute
Paul Mifsud – saxophone
William Sperandei – trumpet
Steve Wallace – bass
Daniel Barnes – drums

(All tracks recorded live to 2-channel ADAT on Monday, June 26, 2000
except tracks 1 & 8 which were Sunday night takes .)


brenda carol – Self – titled CD,
Darwyn Records 1998

Recorded: March 17,1998:

Brenda Carol – vocals
Stephen Gardner – piano
Ted Quinlan – guitar
Igor Romanyk – violin
Steve Wallace – bass
Daniel Barnes – drums

Recorded: March 18, 1998:

Brenda Carol – vocals
Stephen Gardner – piano
Lorne Lofsky – guitar
Stephen Crowe – trumpet
Steve Wallace – bass
Daniel Barnes – drums
Art Avalos – percussion

Liner Notes:

“This is a wonderfully integrated group of musicians, blending magically together and covering an expansive musical scope – from a blues, country and dixie sound – all the way up to the subtleties, harmonies and excitement jazz at the end of the millennium has to offer. Brenda Carol, with her bewitching, spellbinding interpretations of the ten jazz classics and standards, is the major focus of the CD. She refreshingly make the lyrics of a tune become like seeds flouring into a new life, vision, vitality and dimension. Whether wistful or joyous, she relays the many moods of each song directly, powerfully, yet beautifully. The impact of her lovely voice will echo through you long after hearing her. There are many other delights in the band as well. Stephen Gardner, the pianist, elegantly blends his talents with Brenda, sometimes playing very lyrically and relaxed, while other turns delete into more mysterious abstract harmonies. The violinist, Igor Romanyk, is a complimentary surprise as a guest soloist with his soulful violinistic. Ted Quinlan on guitar is, at times, reminiscent of West Montgomery, while Lorne Lofsky has a modernistic approach. Daniel Barnes’ interesting brushwork and delicately balanced cymbals make this well-knit unit flow along with the solid support of Steve Wallace on bass. This is an exotic musical treat not to be missed. – Joanne Brackeen